Forensic Science: A Sociological Introduction

Forensic Science: A Sociological Introduction

Forensic Science: A sociological introduction

This book addresses a significant gap in the literature and provides a comprehensive overview of the sociology of forensic science. Drawing on a wealth of international research and case studies, this book explores the intersection of science, technology, law and society and examines the production of forensic knowledge.

This book explores a range of key topics such as:

  • The integration of science into police work and criminal investigation,
  • The relationship between law and science,
  • Ethical and social issues raised by new forensic technology including DNA analysis,
  • Media portrayals of forensic science,
  • Forensic policy and the international agenda for forensic science.

This book is important and compelling reading for students taking a range of courses, including criminal investigation, policing, forensic science, and the sociology of science and technology.


"For forensic researchers and practitioners this book offers productive insights into how science and practice in their field relates to broader academic and societal debates. These include media representations and public understandings of forensic science, different notions of "truth" and "evidence", and implications of...

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