Group Work In Schools

Group Work In Schools

Group Work in Schools

School counselors are often the only employees in school settings with any formal education in group work, and yet their training is typically a general course on how to run groups. Group Work in Schools provides an alternative training model; one that presents exactly what counselors need to know in order to successfully implement task-driven, psychoeducational, and counseling/psychotherapy groups in any educational setting. Additions to this newly updated second edition include: discussion topics, activities, case examples, integrated CACREP standards and learning outcomes, as well as an overall update to reflect the most recent research and knowledge.


"This text is a must-have for practicing school counselors and school-counselors-in training. Erford and colleagues provide readers with the skills and knowledge to effectively run a variety of types of groups in school settings. This text provides clear explanations of group theory and process while also sharing valuable examples and activities. Counselor educators will appreciate the relatable, thought-provoking case studies that provide rich opportunities for reflection and discussion."

―Kelly Duncan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counseling, The University of South Dakota

"Edited by Brad Erford, a prominent counselor educator and former ACA president, this second...

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