General, Organic, And Biochemistry: An Applied Approach

General, Organic, And Biochemistry: An Applied Approach

General, Organic, and Biochemistry: An Applied Approach

Focusing on key topics important in allied health and nursing careers, this engaging book is ideal for readers who have had no prior exposure to chemistry. Emphasizing problem-solving techniques, the book takes the most direct path to biomolecules and metabolic processes, provides a wealth of worked examples to help readers understand key chemical concepts, includes novel and relevant "Health Notes" in the margins, and weaves biological and medical applications throughout.

"I think the health notes and chapter introductions are well done. The chapter introductions provides students with motivation for learning the material and a real-life situation to which this material will apply." - PJ Ball, Northern Kentucky University

"I chose Armstrong because it was organized around reaction types for the organic chemistry section. I also like the core problems in the middle of the chapters...I am very satisfied." - Janet Maxwell, Angelo State University

About the Author
Jim Armstrong attended Harvard University as an undergraduate student and then moved to the West coast for graduate school. Since earning his Master's degree at the University of California at Berkeley, Jim has taught in the California...

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