Group Counseling: Strategies And Skills

Group Counseling: Strategies And Skills

Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills

GROUP COUNSELING: STRATEGIES AND SKILLS, Eighth Edition, provides an in-depth look at group counseling with an emphasis on practical knowledge and techniques for effective group leadership. The authors discuss the many facets of group counseling and provide examples of how each skill can be applied in a wide range of group settings to produce effective and efficient group sessions. The book's active approach focuses on the skills necessary for starting and ending a session, as well as on how to make the middle phase productive and meaningful. Through its integration of traditional theories and concepts of group process with thoughtful strategies and specific skills, this reader-friendly book meets the needs of practicing or future counselors, social workers, psychologists, and others who are leading or preparing to lead groups in a variety of settings.

"It is very easy to read, lots of great examples are given, and the group skills are clearly described and labeled."

"This book covers things not covered by other textbooks, and it is incredibly practical and approachable. The information is supported by examples, and that makes it very useful in real life."

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