The Prince Of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting In Washington

The Prince Of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting In Washington

The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington

New York Times Bestseller

A landmark achievement

The Prince of Darkness is not simply the stunningly candid memoir of one of the country’s most influential reporters but also a riveting history of the past half century in American politics.

From Publishers Weekly
The barbs start flying on page one (Bush critic Joseph Wilson: What an asshole!) and continue to nearly the end (CNN correspondent Ed Henry: duplicitous phony) of this thick memoir by the conservative journalist and pundit. Novak recounts his journey from Associated Press cub reporter through longtime Evans and Novak columnist scooping up Beltway political dirt to ubiquitous talk-show talking head. Along the way he drinks and gambles, battles liberal media bias, wrangles contracts with cable channels, settles scores with critics (more-hawkish-than-thou pundit David Frum is a cheat and a liar), defends his outing of Valerie Plame and tosses in many old columns, which read like a seismograph tracing of political microtremors (Melvin Laird to be Nixon's defense secretary!). More tantalizing are the glimpses of his relations with official sources, who know they won't be attacked in print as long as they give good tips. Novak's insider perspective,...

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