History Of Psychology: Original Sources And Contemporary Research

History Of Psychology: Original Sources And Contemporary Research

History of Psychology: Original Sources and Contemporary Research

The third edition of A History of Psychology is a highly readable compendium of primary source writings from the founders of psychology and works by more contemporary historians. The revised reader includes 17 new articles, 10 of which were written after 2000. Coverage is universal and global – from Locke, Wundt and Skinner to modern scholars such as Henning Schmidgen, Sir Frederic C. Bartlett and George Mandler.

  • Introduces students to the philosophy and methods of historical research and writing, linking primary source readings with contemporary articles

  • Covers Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and historical treatments of race and gender

  • Promotes History of Psychology as an active research specialty

  • A perfect compliment to Benjamin's Brief History of Modern Psychology

"Ludy Benjamin has organized a superb collection of readings for the history of psychology, blending outstanding and accessible selections from great authors of the past with excellent historical essays by contemporary researchers. This volume will make an excellent book for any history of psychology course."...

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