Using Statistics To Make Educational Decisions

Using Statistics To Make Educational Decisions

Using Statistics to Make Educational Decisions

Government scrutiny and intensified oversight have dramatically changed the landscape of education in recent years. Observers want to know how schools compare, which district is best, which states are spending the most per student on education, whether reforms are making a difference, and why so many students are failing. Some of these questions require technical answers that educators historically redirected to outside experts, but the questions leveled at all educators have become so acute and persistent that they can no longer be outsourced. This text helps educators develop the tools and the conceptual understanding needed to provide definitive answers to difficult statistical questions facing education today.

“This text seems to cover the basics of educational decision making. It would make an excellent text for a course preceding the one I am teaching.” (Mack C. Shelley)

The content is very specific to my design for the course. The book addresses a wide range of prior content affiliation by the student. It reads very well but still provides necessary mathematical rigor for understading the concepts presented...extremely appropriate for most EdD programs and could also function as an excellent transistion from a...

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