Transnational Protests And The Media (Global Crises And The Media)

Transnational Protests And The Media (Global Crises And The Media)

Transnational Protests and the Media (Global Crises and the Media)

In what ways can mediated transnational protests express, however emergently or imperfectly, «global civil society» and «global citizenship»? How, in an increasingly fragmented and multilayered communications environment, can they contribute to a «global public sphere»? This book explores these and other major questions, examining protests and their transactions within and through today’s complex circuits of communications and media worldwide. With contributions from leading theorists and researchers, this cutting-edge collection discusses protests focusing on war and peace, economy and trade, ecology and climate change, as well as political struggles for civil and human rights, including the Arab uprisings. At its core is a desire to better understand activists’ innovative uses of media and communications within a rapidly changing media environment, and how this is altering relations of communication power around the globe.

«Transnational Protests and the Media provides a rich and nuanced view of the interconnection between global protest and global communication processes.»
(Giles Dodson, Pacific Journalism Review 17/2 2011)

About the Author
Simon Cottle is Professor of Media and Communications and Deputy Head of the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies...

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