Criminal Law And Procedure For The Paralegal

Criminal Law And Procedure For The Paralegal

Criminal Law and Procedure for the Paralegal

Thorough yet succinct, CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE FOR THE PARALEGAL: A SYSTEMS APPROACH, 4th Edition equips readers with a solid understanding of the principles of criminal law as well as the skills for daily practice in a law office. It delivers an excellent blend of theory with practice as it presents material in a clear, logical, outline format. It also provides opportunities for readers to apply both critical thinking and law-office practice skills. The text enriches learning by providing insights into crime, punishment, criminal justice standards for prosecution, defense, and the court, and the competing policies behind the law and judicial decisions.

"Another strength of the McCord text is the use of case law throughout the text...the exhibits in the text are wonderful...The internet exercises are extremely well put-together. The exercises also force the student to use real life applicability to solve problems...Even without the addition of the FRE in the appendix I would adopt this text because it has proved to be a more comprehensive text that the one that I am currently using."

"I absolutely love the cases. They provide a great foundational resource to work...

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