The Practical Handbook Of Color For Artists

The Practical Handbook Of Color For Artists

The Practical Handbook of Color for Artists

The accomplished artist must have mastery of a variety of visual principles, such as the use of line, light and shadow, perspective―and of course, color. This book teaches every aspect of color, both theory and practice. Opening chapters explain the color wheel, present color charts, and demonstrate using colors in different media. Chapters that follow emphasize practice, presenting illustrated, step-by-step exercises, and using illustrations of finished paintings. Among the book’s highlights are―

  • Exploring color―the color wheel, monochrome painting, chromatic scales, and much more
  • Pigments and paint―expressing emotions through color, mixing colors on the palette, mixing color on the painting, and more
  • Building an image with colors―chromatic patterns, painting nudes, flowers and vegetation, seascapes, reflections on water, artificial light, night scenes, and more
  • Being creative with colors―chromatic lyricism, options for color backgrounds, building textures in landscapes, creating abstractions, and much more

    The techniques explained and discussed in detail apply to all traditional color media, including oils, watercolors, acrylics, and pastels. Hundreds of color photos and illustrations.

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