Education Around The World: A Comparative Introduction

Education Around The World: A Comparative Introduction

Education Around the World: A Comparative Introduction

From Europe and the Usa to Sub-Saharan Africa and the emerging economic powers of Brazil, China and India, this book is an essential one-volume guide to the major issues in comparative and international education today and the insights that rigorous and appropriate study can offer for education provision, policy and practice.

Education Around the World provides a complete introduction to the field including:

- The history of the study of comparative and international education and why it matters today
- Issues of scale in conducting thorough comparative research with reference to the Usa and the world of small states
- National and International educational development with examples from Europe, the emergent powers of Brazil, Russia, India and China, and the problems and prospects of Sub-Saharan Africa

This is a very honourable text: it captures a lifetime's work in the field and a lifetime of reflection about the field, but combines that with fresh zest and excitement about how interesting all of this kind of thing is ... I hope this textbook is widely used. Comparative Education

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