Bonjour Camille

Bonjour Camille

Bonjour Camille

It's Sunday morning, and Camille has so many things to do! From jumping on the bed (of course) to choosing a new favorite color, drawing faces on thousands of balloons, hiding all of the umbrellas, seeking out the unexpected on a map, and more, Camille teaches young readers the importance of being guided by a boundless imagination. Bold colors, graphic patterns, and expressive collage capture Camille's whirlwind of a morning, not to mention her uniquely expansive perspective. Children and adults alike will embrace this celebration of childhood's many delightful surprises.

"Active and artistic young girls are not unknown in picture books, but Camille certainly makes herself heard among the others in the pantheon."--Kirkus Reviews

"Who better than Camille to push your little Babiekins imagination and keep that boredom at bay."--Babiekins

"Such a gorgeous book.... the pages feel magical - like they're lifted right out of child's head."--Design Mom

"Energy and personality are felt on every page."--Publishers Weekly

About the Author
Felipe Cano is a writer living in Girona, Spain.

Laia Aguilar is an illustrator, graphic designer, and the co-founder of Bobo Choses, a high-end children's apparel company based...

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