Introduction To Criminology: Theories, Methods, And Criminal Behavior

Introduction To Criminology: Theories, Methods, And Criminal Behavior

Introduction to Criminology: Theories, Methods, and Criminal Behavior

Designed for introductory undergraduate courses in two- and four-year programs, Introduction to Criminology, 8th Edition is a streamlined, focused introduction to the study of criminology with more attention to crime typologies than other texts, plus Crime Files boxes that offer real-world, well-known examples of the crime types discussed. Written by an active researcher, this student-focused text is intended to arouse student interest in the fascinating field of criminology. The full-color design and a new just-in-time learning enhancement―margin notes that link students to online learning materials at appropriate points in the chapters―bring the text to life for students visually and virtually. Key topics and statistics have been fully updated in this new edition to make the material most relevant for your course.


This book has turned out to be a gem of a text. Not only does it cover wholly relevant, informative and engaging topics but everything is complimented with a comprehensive web based resource package. Students can access pertinent journal articles, watch video shorts and listen to pod casts throughout each chapter that all help to contextualise the material. Instructors can also access comprehensive...

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