Nonprofit Management: Principles And Practice

Nonprofit Management: Principles And Practice

Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice

Student friendly and comprehensive, this fully updated third edition of Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice, by Michael J. Worth, provides a broad overview of key topics on and important trends affecting governance and management of nonprofit organizations, including the scope and structure of the nonprofit sector, leadership of nonprofits, managing the nonprofit organization, fundraising, earned income strategies, financial management, nonprofit lobbying and advocacy, managing international and global organizations, and social entrepreneurship. It is packed with current cases, timely examples, and updated data, and covers various nonprofit sub-sectors, including educational, health-related, arts-focused, human service, and advocacy organizations, among others. Written specifically for students, Nonprofit Management integrates research, theory, and the practitioner literature, and includes more information than is found in the more prescriptive, practitioner-oriented alternatives.


“No textbook is perfect nor can it meet the needs of every professor, but this text comes pretty close.” (Mary Migliaro 2013-02-13)

“I have not found another comprehensive text that covers the material in as solid a fashion as Worth.” (Reid Zimmerman 2013-02-13)

“The book balances scholarship with practical illustrations of how the nonprofit sector functions.” (Gregg Kaufman 2013-02-13)

“I like the text...

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