ANTIQUE Or Shabby Chic? Appraise & Sell Like A Pro!

ANTIQUE Or Shabby Chic? Appraise & Sell Like A Pro!

ANTIQUE or Shabby Chic? Appraise & Sell Like a Pro!

NEW Second Revised Edition! This Kindle best seller is bigger and better than ever! In one concise volume, you'll learn how to appraise and sell antiques, collectibles and heirlooms using the same tools the pros use.

What is it? What's it Worth? How do you Sell it? Secrets to using the internet to help you identify, appraise and sell! twelve new pages on pricing, merchandising and marketing to sell more in your store or online.

Inside: How to sell on eBay and Craigslist, how to use PayPal, how to smart search, selling silver for scrap, silver marks, appraising fine art, steering clear of fake antiques, getting free appraisals from pros, how to work with dealers, selling at auction and more. Even tips for conservation and restoration.

This book will pay for itself a hundred times over! eBOOK OR PAPERBACK! Priced at only $3.99 ebook or $9.95* (use discount code HAQZ7A3Z to save a buck on the paperback here at Createspace).

Also available in eBook format on and Barnes &

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