Calamity In Kent (British Library Crime Classics)

Calamity In Kent (British Library Crime Classics)

Calamity in Kent (British Library Crime Classics)

In the peaceful seaside town of Broadgate, an impossible crime occurs. The operator of the cliff railway locks the empty carriage one evening; when he returns to work next morning, a dead body is locked inside – a man who has been stabbed in the back.

Jimmy London, a newspaper reporter, is first on the scene. He is quick on the trail for clues – and agrees to pool his knowledge with Inspector Shelley of Scotland Yard, who is holidaying in the area. Mistrustful of the plodding local policeman, Inspector Beech, the two men launch their own investigation into the most baffling locked-room mystery – a case that could reignite Jimmy’s flagging career, but one that exposes him to great danger.

John Rowland's 1950 novel Calamity in Kent is an interesting entry in the British Library Crime Classics. With many of the books in this series, following the investigation with a main character brings the reader in as a sideline detective....In Calamity in Kent, the emphasis is on the murder victim's business dealings in Broadgate, and while the number of murder suspects are limited, these aspects, along...

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