Children's Book Of Philosophy

Children's Book Of Philosophy

Children's Book of Philosophy

Children are great at asking the big questions: Where did I come from? Why does the world exist? What is real? Encourage your child's curiosity with DK's Children's Book of Philosophy, a kid-friendly handbook to some of life's biggest questions - because it's never too early to start thinking about thinking.

The Children's Book of Philosophy lays out philosophical questions with engaging graphics that are fun and easy for kids to process. We've included biographical information, timelines, and conceptual thinking, all with inviting images. Children learn that their questions are important and have been pondered by famous philosophers for years. The content is geared toward the specific questions of 21st-century kids, so the information is relevant and interesting. Looking for a child's first philosophy book to encourage your young thinker? With the Children's Book of Philosophy, you've found it!

From School Library Journal
Gr 4–8—This comprehensive overview offers students an opportunity to explore the study of knowledge, reality, and existence without becoming overwhelmed by complex language or overcomplicated theories. Each chapter is framed by a philosophical question that focuses on basic ideas about the natural world, the self, the senses, morality, or society...

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