Lost Towns Of North Georgia (Hidden History)

Lost Towns Of North Georgia (Hidden History)

Lost Towns of North Georgia (Hidden History)

When the bustle of a city slows, towns dissolve into abandoned buildings or return to woods and crumble into the North Georgia clay. The remains of numerous towns dot the landscape--pockets of life that were lost to fire or drowned by the water of civic works projects. In 1832, Auraria was one of the sites of the original American gold rush. Cassville was a booming educational and cultural epicenter until 1864. Allatoona found its identity as a railroad town. Author and professor Lisa M. Russell unearths the forgotten towns of North Georgia.

"Ghosts aren’t just individual people who were once alive. They can also be entire towns – thriving communities that now only exist in memories, historical documents or the remnants of old buildings. We learn more about some of these communities from Lisa Russell, author of the new book, 'Lost Towns of North Georgia.'” Georgia Public Broadcasting

“We often get asked about communities in and around Bartow County, including some that are no longer active communities. So I think there’s a strong interest in some of those long forgotten places. It is important that we remember...

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