Tarot - The Open Reading

Tarot - The Open Reading

Tarot - the Open Reading

A book for everyone who is interested in the art and magic of the Tarot cards. History, philosophy, theory and practice of Tarot. An innovative approach to card reading. And a detailed symbolic and practical guide to the traditional Tarot deck.

The magic of the traditional Tarot comes to life in this praise winning book by Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov: physicist, philosopher of science and the first tarot teacher in Israel (since 1979). Learn the significance of the ancient symbols which are common to old and new decks, how to conduct the reading session, and how to look at the cards in order to see the complete picture.

winner of the 2013 Tarosophists award Book of the Year (self published)

From the Author
what's in the book:

  • Tarot history - first centuries, French and English schools, the New Age.
  • Session dynamics - theory and practice. Shuffling, spreading and interacting with the querent.
  • How to read - looking at the cards and considering the complete picture, rather than using fixed interpretations. This is the "Open Reading" approach, which can be applied to any type of cards.
  • The symbolic language - suggested meanings for colors,...

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