Music Composition 2 (Volume 2)

Music Composition 2 (Volume 2)

Music Composition 2 (Volume 2)

(Includes free life-time access to on-line quizzes and audio samples)

“Music Composition 2” is the second book in a two book series by award-winning composer, Jonathan Peters, which explains how music is formed and how to compose your own music. Book 1 covers the study of rhythmic and melodic composition, while book 2 covers harmonic composition and compositional form.

Each lesson covers a particular concept (or related concepts). Concepts and compositional techniques are demonstrated throughout the course with real musical examples (pictures and on-line audio samples).

Each lesson also contains memory questions, access to on-line quizzes, listening assignments, and composition assignments. Memory questions serve to summarize and reinforce key concepts learned, while the quizzes tests the students’ knowledge and understanding of the material from each lesson. In the composition assignments students will get real life practice using the information and techniques learned in each lesson to write their own chord progressions and entire pieces.


A computer with internet connection, screen, and speakers.

A basic knowledge of music theory. If you do not already have a rudimentary understanding of music theory, it is recommended that you take...

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