MCAT Psychology And Sociology Content Review

MCAT Psychology And Sociology Content Review

MCAT Psychology and Sociology Content Review

Revised for 2016! All of Next Step's books have gotten a full review and update. We have expanded the explanations for our content review books, meaning each volume now has over 1,000 review questions will full explanations of the underlying science.

More Free Stuff!: We are now offering a free full-length exam in addition to the free diagnostic test described below. See the book insert for instructions on how to register for this free additional full length exam.

Get the most thorough content review available for the revised MCAT. Next Step's Content Review books give you a focused review of the major science topics that will be on the exam, and then offer the most important resource you need when memorizing MCAT content: hundreds of practice questions to help you drill the content until you have it completely mastered.

Understanding the huge volume of content on the MCAT is only the first step, however. For complete MCAT prep, the Next Step Content Review books are only the beginning. To bring your MCAT performance to the next level, you must build upon your content foundation with practice, practice, practice!...

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