Molly And The Magic Suitcase: Molly Goes To Sydney (Volume 8)

Molly And The Magic Suitcase: Molly Goes To Sydney (Volume 8)

Molly and the Magic Suitcase: Molly Goes to Sydney (Volume 8)

"Molly and Michael will steal your heart! A must read." -- 5 stars from Readers' Favorite

Molly and her brother Michael are curious about the world. Inspired by food, family, and friends, they trek to faraway places using a magic suitcase.

Molly and Michael journey to beautiful Sydney, Australia in their seventh adventure. They meet Wesley who shows them Sydney’s fabulous beach culture. They surf, snorkle, play cricket, and barbeque on the beach. Wesley also shows them Australia’s amazing wildlife, the iconic Sydney Opera House, Luna Park, and more. Molly and Michael see faraway places and different customs, and at the same time learn that people everywhere share much in common.

(This) is a delightful story of discovering Sydney, where young readers are taken on an exciting tripwith Molly and her brother Michael. Molly and Michael take their magicsuitcase and travel to new destinations. In this story, thechildren get to know the SydneyOpera House, the vibrant beaches, Luna Park, the amazing wildlife, and the culture, customs, and food habits. It's an educationalexperience for young readers as they learn about a new place and all...

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