Believing In Darcy: A Pride And Prejudice Variation

Believing In Darcy: A Pride And Prejudice Variation

Believing in Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Elizabeth Bennet’s life is forever altered by Mr. Collins’ most foolish act. Now, with her family scattered and her place in the world uncertain, she has no one to rely on but her dear friend Charlotte. Elizabeth longs for security of her own, but will never compromise her values to obtain it. Nor will she have to, if she can simply bring herself to believe in Mr. Darcy.

Believing in Darcy is a Pride and Prejudice Variation of 56,000 words.

Renata McMann and Summer Hanford began writing Pride and Prejudice Variations together in 2014 and have since become immersed in the amazing world Jane Austen created. Whether you’re a fan of Darcy and Elizabeth specifically or of clean Regency Romance in general, you will enjoy both McMann’s ability to imagine variations of this classic love story and Hanford’s skill in turning these variations of Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, and their enduring love into entertaining stories.

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