Following The Light Of Christ Into His Presence

Following The Light Of Christ Into His Presence

Following the Light of Christ into His Presence

John M. Pontius brings to light simple ways to recognize and implement personal revelation in your life. Inside you'll find the grand keys that will help make receiving daily guidance, answers to prayers, and much more, accessible to everyone. With this book at your side, you ll be better prepared to prosper along your life s journey and accomplish the work the Lord has planned for you.

Except for the scriptures, this is the most inspirational book I have ever read. --Von Mitton

How does one review a life-changing experience? I was skeptical at first, but knew in less than a chapter that I would owe more to John Pontius by the end of his book than I know how to convey. Its message is simple and powerful, its presentation straightforward and engaging. This book belongs to a very small and select group: Texts that I feel honored to have read. --Amazon

When you look at my copy, almost every page has large portions covered in highlighter. If I had to make a list of 10 lifechanging books, this would be in it. It gives simple...

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