Heirs Of The Motherland (The Russians)

Heirs Of The Motherland (The Russians)

Heirs of the Motherland (The Russians)

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From the Back Cover
Their Exile Is Ended . . . When Will Their Freedom Begin?

Eighteen years after the birth of his daughter, Count Dmitri Remizov returns to Russia from exile to claim the child he left behind. But Mariana has been raised as a peasant and she is uncertain about her ability to take her rightful place as a countess of Imperial Russia.

Sergei and Anna, still hiding in Katyk, also face difficult decisions--whether to risk returning to St. Petersburg or to keep their family safe from the prying eyes of the Russian government.

As the nineteenth century draws to a close and revolutionary fervor runs high, the Burenins and the Fedorcenkos find themselves caught in a maelstrom of change that threatens to unravel the protection their quiet way of life has provided them.

With only faith in God to sustain them, they must risk everything to reunite their families and claim their heritage as heirs of the motherland.

About the Author
Judith Pella is the bestselling author/coauthor of seven major fiction series, including...

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