The Best Of Business Card Design 3 (Motif Design) (No.3)

The Best Of Business Card Design 3 (Motif Design) (No.3)

The Best of Business Card Design 3 (Motif Design) (No.3)

There is nothing like the business card to challenge a designer's abilities. Creating a clear and effective message in a small space is not easy; it takes creativity and often moments of brilliance. This new volume in the best-selling "Best of Business Card Design" series showcases moments of brilliance in graphic design.

Selected from thousands of entries, this volume presents hundreds of new business card designs from top international designers.

Each card is presented in color, at the actual size or larger, providing detail of design unmatched by other business card design books.

Informative caption text references designers and clients as well as the design process and special techniques and materials used in the creation of each card.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
Don't let the small size foul you - the business card is one of the most important pieces of corporate identity a business or person has. It is sometimes the only piece of information left behind after a contact is made; just a small, but insistent, reminder of a person after the physical presence is gone. Everybody has a business card:...

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