They And We Will Get Into Trouble For This

They And We Will Get Into Trouble For This

They and We Will Get into Trouble for This

Anna Moschovakis measures words, crosses languages, and invents forms. In a mode of inquiry, friction, and barbed naiveté, these four long poems trouble notions of history, self-knowledge, and intimacy, insisting that "how to be" is a question we can never tire of confronting.

From "Paradise (film two)":

/ Being raised in science / under the sign of logic / I never understood how certain / promises / could be made / I could say "I promise / that unless something unexpected happens / I will do the dishes every night / this week" / I was very literal / especially with my lovers / I could say "I love you today" / but not "I will love you tomorrow" /


“Deeply engaging . . . Moschovakis sets philosophy, etymology, and memory in motion to show that 'There are many ways to follow a thought.'" —Publishers Weekly

"Reading though the manuscript is like diving into a deep pool contained within a cavern, the resonance and echoing qualities provide such distinction, it is impossible to confuse the experience of this reading with anything else." —New York Journal of Books

“They and We...

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