Dimensional Typography: Words In Space: Kiosk Report #1

Dimensional Typography: Words In Space: Kiosk Report #1

Dimensional Typography: Words in Space: Kiosk Report #1

Today's computer technologies have allowed for the creation of new spaces for typographic communication. This collection of drawings, photographs,?and typefaces explores some of the ideas that might govern the logic of?three-dimensional type. It presents and analyzes letterforms based on both?traditional and contemporary typefaces, freely mixing historical?references and futuristic aspirations. Author J. Abbott Miller considers?the ways in which letters have become three-dimensional in certain genres?such as signage, and discusses how typefaces have incorporated the?illusion of dimensionality on the printed page.?

?Dimensional Typography is the first title in our new series?Kiosk Reports. Edited by J. Abbott Miller and Ellen Lupton, this?inexpensive, small-format line of books will explore current ideas on?graphic design, much as our Pamphlet Architecture series does for?architecture.

The results are creatures which seem able not only to shuffle off the page in search of their own identity, but threaten to wrap their tuber-like extremities around our necks or penetrate our bodies in a vaiety of places...Miller admits that this is a strictly conceptural exercise, but...in an age of splintered meaning and mixed messages, it may prove to be an exercise that has ever-increasing importance. Andrea Codrington, Eye...

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