All The Gold In California And Other Places, People & Things

All The Gold In California And Other Places, People & Things

All the Gold in California And Other Places, People & Things

Larry Gatlin was a brash and outspoken man who was dogged by the press and continually at odds with the music industry. He would disappear for days, bingeing on cocaine and alcohol. By the mid-1980's, the reckless lifestyle caught up with him. Returning to his faith, he found freedom, not only from drug and alcohol addiction, but also from the demons that drove him to determine his worth by the weight of his success. This is Larry Gatlin's inspiring story, told as only this ole boy from Texas can tell it, rich with reminiscences, humor, insight, and honesty.


"Gatlin shares the hard lessons he's learned with young performers and others facing the seductive influences of drugs and alcohol, so they won't ruin their lives as he nearly did his."
-- McClatchy News

About the Author
Larry Gatlin, lead singer and songwriter for The Gatlin Brothers, has enjoyed a successful music career spanning more than thirty years and resulting in more than twenty albums, including his first solo gospel album, In My Life. In 1993, he starred in the Tony...

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