Caring For The Hospitalized Child: A Handbook Of Inpatient Pediatrics

Caring For The Hospitalized Child: A Handbook Of Inpatient Pediatrics

Caring for the Hospitalized Child: A Handbook of Inpatient Pediatrics

Get immediate, on-the-spot help for safe, effective, confident inpatient care!
Pediatric hospital care is more challenging than ever. Stringent admissions policies mean typical patients are sicker. Cases are more complex. Procedures are more technology-intensive. Plus, today's scope of practice extends to co-management of subspecialty and surgical patients.

Now there's a point-of-care AAP manual you can rely on for practical, authoritative guidance in the hospital setting. Developed by top pediatric hospitalists, Caring for the Hospitalized Child is sure to become your go-to resource all the way from initial evaluation through discharge management.

Find how-to specifics for addressing all the presentations you're most likely to see

Pediatric hospitalists with extensive hands-on experience offer proven recommendations for dozens of pediatric inpatient problems. Here's what you need to know - and what you need to do - for anaphylaxis, cardiac conditions, dermatological, EN, and GI issues, infectious diseases, seizure, eye trauma, fractures, physical and sexual abuse, and much more.

Turn to the condition or symptom set you're confronting for practical, right-to-the-point advice on:
- Clinical presentation
- Differential diagnosis
- Lab tests; imaging
- Treatment
- Indications for specialist consult
- Disposition
- Hospital discharge criteria
- Follow-up

- Exclusive clinical pearls
- Common pitfalls to...

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