Daring Color: Mix And Mingle Watercolor On Your Paper

Daring Color: Mix And Mingle Watercolor On Your Paper

Daring Color: Mix and Mingle Watercolor on Your Paper

"I started to get comments on the glow, the color and the life my paintings had... I suddenly realized I didn't mix colors - I mingled them. It was an epiphany."

Popular workshop instructor Anne Abgott shares all the tips, techniques and color choices behind her remarkable paintings filled with color and light. Make the most of both the "water" and the "color" of this exciting medium by directly mingling color on paper! In sixteen step-by-step painting demonstrations she teaches you the secrets to achieving beautiful glowing color and rich, dynamic shadows.

You'll find advice on:

  • Which paints mingle and which ones don't
  • Flooding the paper with pigment to flood it with light
  • Creating great compositions from reference photos
  • How to create dramatic, colorful shadows
  • Secrets to mingling glowing yellows, passionate reds, glorious greens, beautiful blues, dazzling violets and sparkling grays (even silver!)

See for yourself. Be more daring. Express your creativity using Anne's fast and fun mingling techniques - fill your paintings with color and light!

About the Author

Anne Abgott is an expert author and a trusted workshop instructor whose watercolor paintings have won several awards throughout the country. Anne is currently the...

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