Elvis In Vegas

Elvis In Vegas

Elvis in Vegas

Las Vegas has witnessed the triumphs and tragedies of Elvis Presley's life, from his first appearance at 21 to his marriage to Priscilla in 1967. With hundreds of never-before-seen photographs of Elvis' Vegas years, this book is the key volume in any Elvis aficionado's collection.

Fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight! Paul Lichter is taking you back to a magical time in Las Vegas when Elvis set up court and reigned as King. He may have toured the country, but when it came to live performances, Las Vegas was home to Elvis - The book in your hands is a virtual time capsule that will allow you to relive the excitement of Elvis on stage in Vegas. -- Bud Glass, The King's Ransom Museum This is the ultimate Elvis book dealing with Elvis' performances in Las Vegas. It is an Elvis Presley fan's paradise - a front-row ticket to anything and everything related to the King's Vegas years. The extensive 'live' show chapter is easily worth the price alone. Paul Lichter has done it again. -- Paul Dowling, president of Worldwide Elvis

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