Death Of An Effendi (Mamur Zapt Mysteries)

Death Of An Effendi (Mamur Zapt Mysteries)

Death of an Effendi (Mamur Zapt Mysteries)

It’s 1909, and Cairo is the murder capital of the world. Deaths are two a piastre. But the death of an effendi is something different. Effendis―the Egyptian elite―are important. Especially if they happen to be foreign.

When effendi Tvardovsky is shot at a gathering of financiers in Crocodilopolis, the ancient City of the Crocodiles, Mamur Zapt Gareth Owen―Chief of Cairo’s Secret Police―is called in to investigate. In some countries, if someone goes for a walk or a boat ride with the Head of the Secret Police and doesn’t come back, it’s best not to ask any questions. And there are powerful people who might prefer Tvardovsky dead.

There are still crocodiles―of all kinds―in Egypt. And when the crocodiles start cooperating, it’s time to really watch out….

From Booklist
*Starred Review* Fans of Pearce's delightful Mamur Zapt series will find this latest entry among the best of the bunch and clearly deserving of its shortlisting for the Ellis Peters Award. Captain Gareth Owen, Chief of Cairo's Secret Police (called Mamur Zapt), is asked to guard Russian financier Tvardovsky during a shooting party for potential Egyptian investors. But Owen...

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