Portraits Of Pregnancy: The Birth Of A Mother

Portraits Of Pregnancy: The Birth Of A Mother

Portraits of Pregnancy: The Birth of a Mother

This book gives pregnant women the information and affirmation they crave. The fine-art images offer a unique and personalized view into the diversity of the pregnant form. The stories of challenge and triumph cover a broad range of issues, such as infertility, the effect of pregnancy on relationships, and the loss of identity it can engender. These strong mothers will teach others how to connect with their inner strength, so they too can create the life they want.

Jennifer Loomis's evocative and moving portraits of pregnancy are a joy to behold. The images will captivate you and the stories of these women's diverse journeys to motherhood will touch your heart. --Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, Filmmakers of The Business of Being Born and authors of Your Best Birth

By now, we've all seen gorgeous photographs of pregnant women. But Jennifer Loomis's Portraits of Pregnancy goes further by giving us an intimate look at pregnant women and their stories. No matter who you are--young, older, single, married, part of a traditional couple or same-sex couple, small, big, tattooed or pierced--you can see yourself represented in this book, and...

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