Understanding The Cultural Landscape

Understanding The Cultural Landscape

Understanding the Cultural Landscape

This compelling book offers a fresh perspective on how the natural world has been imagined, built on, and transformed by human beings throughout history and around the globe. Coverage ranges from the earliest societies to preindustrial China and India, from the emergence in Europe of the modern world to the contemporary global economy. The focus is on what the places we have created say about us: our belief systems and the ways we make a living. Also explored are the social and environmental consequences of human activities, and how conflicts over the meaning of progress are reflected in today's urban, rural, and suburban landscapes. Written in a highly engaging style, this ideal undergraduate-level human geography text is illustrated with over 25 maps and 70 photographs.

Note: Many additional photographs related to the themes addressed in the book are available at the author's website (www.greatmirror.com.)


"Understanding the Cultural Landscape is a tour de force--a splendid example of the lively, clear, and attractive writing that scholarly prose should be, but so seldom is. Bret Wallach, one of America's most distinguished geographers, has revived a noble but long-neglected tradition of cultural geography, deeply rooted in...

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