The Year Of The Snake: Tales From The Chinese Zodiac

The Year Of The Snake: Tales From The Chinese Zodiac

The Year of the Snake: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac

"Each [Tale from the Chinese Zodiac] combines a sense of tenacious accomplishment with just plain rollicking fun. Illustrator Jennifer Wood makes sure to imbue every page with energy in motion – ‘dazzling and colorful’... Chin’s latest title is also an adorable reminder to get out in the world and enjoy this ‘sensational Year of the Snake.’ " — Smithsonian Book Blog

"Humor, adventure, and tradition come together for another fun installment in Oliver Chin's Chinese Zodiac series. Don't be scared off by the scales and fangs. Suzie is one snake you'll wish you had around!" — Michelle Loomis, San Mateo County Library, CA

"In The Year of the Snake, Chin has managed to weave an adventurous story of friendship and acceptance into an important cultural lesson about the Chinese Zodiac... As a Teacher Librarian, I am continually searching for books that have a positive message as well as captivating illustrations, and The Year of the Snake is just that! —Julie Griffin, Palo Alto Unified School District, CA

2013 is The Year of the Snake! Suzie is a young serpent who seeks high-flying adventure. The girl Lily befriends the snake, much to her grandparents'...

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