Yaqui Myths And Legends (Forgotten Books)

Yaqui Myths And Legends (Forgotten Books)

Yaqui Myths and Legends (Forgotten Books)

This is a delightful collection of Yaqui folklore, illustrated with line drawings which invest Mexican folk-art motifs with quaint atomic-age cheerfulness. The Yaqui are part of the Southwestern Native American culture-group, and live in the Sonoran desert on the west coast of northern Mexico, opposite Baja California. The stories here are a mixture of ancient folklore blended with Mexican Catholic themes. Coyote and other zoomorphs walk in the same cycle of tales with figures such as Jesuschristo (who figures in several comic stories) and Columbus (who appears briefly as a villan). (Quote from sacred-texts.com)

About the Author

John William Lloyd (1857 - 1940)
John William Lloyd (J. William Lloyd) (June 4, 1857 - 1940) was an American individualist anarchist. Lloyd was born in New Jersey, and later moved to Grahamville, Florida. He based his individualist anarchism upon natural law, rather than on egoism as Benjamin Tucker did; this was a source of conflict amidst otherwise friendly relations between Tucker and himself. Lloyd later modified his position to minarchism. (Quote from (Quote from wikipedia.org))

About the Publisher

Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.


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