DentEssentials: High-Yield NBDE Part I Review

DentEssentials: High-Yield NBDE Part I Review

dentEssentials: High-Yield NBDE Part I Review

For first- and second-year dental students, dentEssentials is an invaluable go-to companion for use with textbooks and course materials. With more than 80 illustrations, this book provides broad instruction across multiple disciplines in a thorough compendium of all dental matters.

dentEssentials organizes its material into three sections: general principles of basic science, organic systems, and dental anatomy. The book uses bold charts, pictures, diagrams, and lists to supplement dental science concepts, and acts as a complement to organ system and discipline-based curricula. Images of the human mouth and teeth are labeled in detail. All dental students are required to take the NBDE to either gain licensure or apply to advanced postgraduate studies.

About the Author
Kaplan Medical, the leader in health sciences test preparation, offers a wide range of options for boards preparation, including live lectures, video lectures, books, and online products. All courses and products are focused on providing the most exam-relevant information available.

Authors Michael S. Manley, M.D., and Leslie D. Manley, Ph.D., are the directors of Basic Sciences and USMLE Step 1 curriculum for Kaplan Medical.

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