Freedom In America

Freedom In America

Freedom in America

Exploring the words and ideas of such thinkers as Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Tocqueville, Muir discusses the nature and limits of three types of power coercive, reciprocal, and moral and then uses this framework to explain how American political institutions work.

Muir's meditation on power and personal freedom is a gateway for readers to take their study of politics to the next level. His inductive style, engaging readers with well-chosen and masterfully written stories, lets him draw out and distill key lessons without being preachy.

"Muir is one of the most astute, wisest, and profound scholars of the last 50 years. He is America's 'Toqueville for the 2000's' and this is his Democracy in America. It draws on a lifetime of learning and reflection. Freedom in America is a very important, brilliant, and memorable work that will live for decades to come." --John J. DiIulio, University of Pennsylvania

"No other text has ever combined all the features of Muir's remarkable book: an efficient introduction to American government; practical insights derived from hands-on experience in all three branches and all three levels of government, as well as election campaigns; and a brilliant scholar...

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