100 Headlines That Changed The World

100 Headlines That Changed The World

100 Headlines That Changed the World

Here are the incredible newspaper headlines that document history’s most important moments—headlines so momentous that anyone reading them knew that the world as they knew it had been changed irrevocably. Headlines That Changed the World looks at stories from the Great Western Crosses the Atlantic in 1838 and Abraham Lincoln Assassinated in 1865, through Wall Street Crashes in 1929 and Hitler Sweeps to Power in 1933, to King Elvis Dead in 1977, Obama Wins Presidency in 2008, and Bin Laden Shot Dead in 2011. 

Headlines That Changed the World is an ideal book to dip into and discover newspaper headlines that shaped our past. Whether it was news of the Kennedy assassination or the fact that man had finally made it to the moon, these headlines and the history behind them will fascinate history buffs and casual readers alike.

About the Author
James Maloney is a writer and journalist who has worked for several British national newspapers and magazines including the Sun and OK! He has written or contributed to a number of books about the media and maintains a healthy interest in the history of the newspaper. James lives in...

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