A Brief Theology Of Sport

A Brief Theology Of Sport

A Brief Theology of Sport

Sport is extremely popular. This groundbreaking book explains why. It shows that sport has everything to do with our deepest identity. It is where we resonate with the most basic nature of reality.

'A Brief Theology of Sport' sweeps across the fields of church history, philosophy, and Christian doctrine to draw readers into a creative vision of sport. The book begins by examining how the church has historically approached sport before turning to consider sport on the basis of the divine act of creation. In doing so, Harvey is able to distinguish sport from all other human activities by identifying it as a set-aside sphere in which the unnecessary-but-meaningful nature of life is celebrated. Harvey's constructive proposal sheds light on a wide range of issues, including the role of competition, professionalization, and celebrity culture in sport today. As such, 'A Brief Theology of Sport' makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the value of sport to human life.

''Lincoln Harvey has managed to do something quite remarkable here: this book is at once historical and constructive; academic and accessible; detailed and concise; systematic and practical. It is good to see...

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