Propagation And Radio Science

Propagation And Radio Science

Propagation and Radio Science

Exploring the Magic of Wireless Communication

There are countless ways for radio signals to travel from transmitter to receiver, and understanding how radio waves interact with their environment is an important factor in successful radio communications. While amateurs can maximize station performance and reliability with the right equipment, knowledge and skill, we cannot control propagation. Through scientific exploration and experimentation, we can improve our understanding of propagation and how it affects radio signals.

Propagation and Radio Science presents a comprehensive overview of one of the most fascinating and rewarding activities in Amateur Radio. Author Eric Nichols, KL7AJ, uses his lively, engaging approach to present the complex subject of radio propagation in simple, easy-to-understand terms. This book covers topics ranging from theoretical exploration to practical application. It explains the phenomena we observe on the amateur bands and invites you to embark on the journey through the still-unknown radio propagation universe.

Chapters include:Matters About Matter,
The Optical Factor, Polarization, Gain, and Other Antenna Matters, The Reflection Process, The Ground Wave, Demystifying the Ionosphere, The Anomalous Ionosphere, Magnetic Personality, Instrumentation and Interpretation, Free Electron Propagation, Neutral Propagation, Cheaper Than Dirt, Diversity Methods, WWV and Channel Probes, Software and Other Tools, Keeping...

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