The Complete Guide To Marathon Walking

The Complete Guide To Marathon Walking

The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking

If you've ever considered participating in a marathon but worried that you weren't quite up to the task, it's time to put your fears to rest. With endurance expert Dave McGovern's supportive and insightful coaching you'll be on your way to completing a marathon in no time!

Dave has been a racewalking guru for the better part of 35 years. With over 14 US championships under his belt and years of experience as a private coach to several Olympic athletes, he has the know-how and expertise to help you achieve your fitness goals.

This book is focused on the training and conditioning required to walk a marathon. Studded with colorful anecdotes and witty insights, it covers everything from training regimens to stretching, nutrition, hydration, gear selection, and proper walking form. Coach McGovern's program is highly adaptable and is well suited for people across a wide spectrum of physical fitness-from couch-potato to daily jogger. Whether you're an experienced runner recovering from an injury or a weekend warrior trying to improve your fitness, walking a marathon is a satisfying and healthy way to exercise.

Dave McGovern is the most experienced and productive racewalking coach and...

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