The Square: A Novel (Library Of Korean Literature)

The Square: A Novel (Library Of Korean Literature)

The Square: A Novel (Library of Korean Literature)

This groundbreaking classic of Korean modernism tackles the shattering effect of the division of Korea. Taking place just before the Korean War, it follows its protagonist as he travels to the North hoping to escape what he sees as the repressive right-wing regime in the South... only to find that a different sort of lie reigns in the so-called worker's paradise. Implying that both communism and capitalism are pernicious infections from without, "The Square" is a dark and complex story of the ways ideologies can destroy the individual.


The Square was a unique form of fiction that dared to deal with the two divided systems, a taboo topic among Korean society at that time, from an objective and fundamental perspective.... This work, which could not be presented with a straightforward, linear narrative, instead adopted a modern form in which the story line is continuously interrupted or reverts to the past. In this regard, The Square is an exceptional work that offers a new perspective of the Korean War as well as a noteworthy starting point for the third generation of Korean War literature.


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