Antitrust Law, Policy And Procedure: Cases, Materials, Problems (2014)

Antitrust Law, Policy And Procedure: Cases, Materials, Problems (2014)

Antitrust Law, Policy and Procedure: Cases, Materials, Problems (2014)

This innovative and popular casebook focuses on teaching antitrust through the best legal precedents available. It emphasizes current judicial opinions and includes dissents where relevant to help students grasp the issues. The notes reflect a balanced approach to the competing ideologies of left, right, and center--confronting their defects and presenting their strengths. Professors who are strongly committed to a particular ideology should find plenty of material to criticize or, alternatively, to illustrate their view.

The Seventh Edition is a substantial revision from the previous edition, with updating of all case law materials, including the recent decisions of the Supreme Court as well as numerous lower court decisions. The Seventh Edition includes coverage regarding:

Chapter Two
•  Updated Economic Analysis, including some new graphs

Chapter Three
Revised and Updated discussions of:
•  Transnational Application of U.S. Antitrust laws;
•  Modifications to Injunctive Relief as antitrust Remedy
•  New interpretation of alien venue statute and worldwide Service of Process
•  New discussion of meaning of "consumer walfare" or "total welfare" as a focus of antitrust concerns
•  Updated discussions of standing, damages, and other Remedies
•  Updated treatment of antitrust class actions

Chapter Four
•  New discussion of Most-Favored-Nation (MFN) clauses
•  Updated cases and discussion...

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