High Notes: Selected Writings Of Gay Talese

High Notes: Selected Writings Of Gay Talese

High Notes: Selected Writings of Gay Talese

A superb new collection from the illustrious career of Gay Talese, "the most important nonfiction writer of his generation" (David Halberstam).

Admired by generations of reporters, Gay Talese has for more than six decades enriched American journalism with an unmatched ability to inhabit the worlds of his subjects. From the long-form Esquire articles that germinated into his masterful books--including Honor Thy Father and Thy Neighbor's Wife--to indelible portraits like the canonical "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold" and the recent, revealing account of avant-pop star Lady Gaga's studio session with the old-school crooner Tony Bennett, the pieces collected in High Notes are classics of the journalistic style Talese pioneered--"the art of hanging out," as he called it--and a bold testament to his enduring talent for unparalleled cultural observation and impeccable literary craftsmanship.


"High Notes contains all the reasons I've been teaching Gay Talese's work to my students at Yale for a decade, and all the reasons they love it. There are scenes described in such vivid detail you feel you're standing inside them; peripheral characters whom only Talese would care about and who are far more interesting than the ones...

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