SoHo Sins

SoHo Sins

SoHo Sins

Portrait in BLOOD

They were the New York art scene’s golden couple — until the day Amanda Oliver was found murdered in her SoHo loft, and her husband Philip confessed to shooting her. But was he a continent away when the trigger was pulled? Art dealer Jackson Wyeth sets out to learn the truth, and uncovers the dangerous secrets lurking beneath the surface of Manhattan’s posh galleries and decadent parties, a world of adultery and madness, of beautiful girls growing up too fast and men making fortunes and losing their minds. But even the worst the art world can imagine will seem tame when the final shattering sin is revealed...

“Suspenseful…sultry…thrilling.”  -- The New Yorker

"A gripping, noirish hard boiled mystery that will leave readers questioning their conclusions well after the curtains come down on this tragic,twisty, and unrelenting debut." - MYSTERY SCENE

"The New York art world of the '90s, awash in money, frames a suspenseful crime novel that's also a gripping morality tale involving sex, ambition, deception and murder. The intricate plot, blending real and fictional places and persons, delivers a devastating, intriguingly ambiguous surprise ending." - Elizabeth C. Baker, editor-at-large, Art in America

“Darkly glamorous,...

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