Magnolias In Art And Cultivation

Magnolias In Art And Cultivation

Magnolias in Art and Cultivation

In 1999, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston reportedly paid $1.25 million for a single painting, Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth. A striking close-up of magnolia buds, this painting is just one high-profile example of the evocative power magnolias have on art and culture. Gardeners have revered the plants since they were first introduced into cultivation more than three hundred years ago, and they continue to be a showpiece addition to gardens. From serving as medicine in Japan and China, to dotting lawns and flags in the American South, magnolias are a true worldwide favorite.

Magnolias in Art and Cultivation celebrates our centuries-long love of this plant. The first illustrated book on magnolias, it is a perfect blend of science and art. All magnolia species are included along with nearly one hundred hybrids. Informative text and comprehensive botanical descriptions from magnolia experts are joined by breathtaking paintings created especially for the text. An educational and entertaining read, Magnolias in Art and Cultivation will delight anyone captivated by these beautiful plants.

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Barbara Oozeerally is an award-winning botanical artist. Jim Gardiner is director of Horticulture at the Royal Horticultural Society. Stephen...

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