Painting Fairies In Watercolour (Fantasy Art)

Painting Fairies In Watercolour (Fantasy Art)

Painting Fairies in Watercolour (Fantasy Art)

With step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions, this inspirational guide demonstrates how simple watercolor techniques can be used to create two whimsical fairy paintings. Each stage of design and creation is thoroughly explained, beginning with the basics and moving on to more difficult tasks, such as drawing and distorting the human form and adding surreal backgrounds.


"I would absolutely love to meet the author of this book as he brims with enthusiasm on the fantasy world."  —

"A super book for anyone interested in using their imagination to create fabulous fairy and magical paintings."  —Jeannie Zelos Artworks

About the Author

Paul Bryn Davies

is a commercial illustrator who has designed more than 150 book jackets for bestselling authors such as Stephen King, Christopher Pike, Robert E. Vardeman, and Lyall Watson. He is the author of several books, including Dragons in Watercolour, Fairies in Watercolour, How to Draw Dragons in Simple Steps, How to Draw Fairies in Simple Steps, and Painting Dragons in Watercolour.

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