Yeshua: A Guide To The Real Jesus And The Original Church

Yeshua: A Guide To The Real Jesus And The Original Church

Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church

* The early leaders of the Church were all Jewish
* The original Church was organized around the pattern of the Jewish synagogue
* Yeshua (Jesus) used numerous Jewish idioms in his teachings and was, perhaps, a Pharisee himself

Dr. Moseley illuminates the Jewish background of Yeshua and the Church in this best-selling book. Must reading for every believer.

... must reading for serious students... I enthusiastically recommend this enlightening study.... -- Marvin Wilson, Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of Biblical Studies, Gordon College

...opens up the history of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Every Christian should read this book. -- Brad Young, Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Oral Roberts University

From the Author
[P]revious histories have generally left out the Jewish factor. By beginning their research with the later second- and third-century Church, after it became predominantly a Gentile organization, they have lost the history of the first hundred years and the necessary understanding of Jewish roots. Many difficult Hebraic phrases and theological dilemmas can be understood by investigating the original Jewish roots of the early Church.


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